Hearing Aid Accessories



The PerfectClean is the best product available to maintain the hygiene of your hearing aids. This specialized, electronic system safely removes wax, dirt/debris and removes moisture all while disinfecting! 

Using special UV-C medical grade light, this system completely disinfects all surfaces of the hearing aid(s). 

Watch a video on how it works: Click here!


Beltone myPAL Pro

The Beltone myPAL Pro connects seamlessly to Beltone hearing aids giving you the ability to hear even more in challenging listening situations.

Whether you are at work in meetings, at church, or dinner with the family - the Beltone myPAL captures the sound clearly. This device can be clipped to the shirt of the speaker or placed on a table to hear those further away from you. The conversation is brought to you and streams directly into your hearing aids!

Watch a video on how it works: Click here!


Beltone Direct Remote Control 

The Beltone Remote Control 2 is a small, handheld device that allows simple, discreet control of your hearing aids.

Change programs and adjust volume easily in any environment without having to touch your hearing aids. The large screen is easy to read and lets you know exactly the adjustments you are making.

This remote is compatible with many current Beltone hearing aids. Learn if this solution is right for you, by requesting a free consultation.